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scroll_table Struct Reference

#include <scroll.h>

Data Fields

uint count
uint lastpos
uint line
int leny
int lenx
int begy
int begx
int mode
int key_len
int data_len
int htstat
int s_metod
bool fast_scrolling
bool fast_horizont_scrolling
uint hind
uint bmaxx
uint imaxx
uint bmaxy
uint imaxy
int(* usr_func )(struct scroll_table *table, char *key, int smer, char *new_key, char *new_data, int *mode_scr)
char desc_key [MAX_KEY_LEN+S_T]
char desc_data [MAX_DATA_LEN+S_T]
char start_key [MAX_KEY_LEN+S_T]
char end_key [MAX_KEY_LEN+S_T]
char search_key [MAX_KEY_LEN+S_T]
WINDOW * tablewin
PANEL * tablepanel
WINDOW * borderwin
PANEL * borderpanel
WINDOW * hindwin
PANEL * hindpanel
WINDOW * vindwin
PANEL * vindpanel

Field Documentation

int scroll_table::begx

int scroll_table::begy

uint scroll_table::bmaxx

uint scroll_table::bmaxy

PANEL* scroll_table::borderpanel

WINDOW* scroll_table::borderwin

uint scroll_table::count

int scroll_table::data_len

char scroll_table::desc_data[MAX_DATA_LEN + S_T]

char scroll_table::desc_key[MAX_KEY_LEN + S_T]

char scroll_table::end_key[MAX_KEY_LEN + S_T]

bool scroll_table::fast_horizont_scrolling

bool scroll_table::fast_scrolling

struct scroll_table_entry* scroll_table::firstvisible

struct scroll_table_entry* scroll_table::head

uint scroll_table::hind

PANEL* scroll_table::hindpanel

WINDOW* scroll_table::hindwin

int scroll_table::htstat

uint scroll_table::imaxx

uint scroll_table::imaxy

int scroll_table::key_len

uint scroll_table::lastpos

struct scroll_table_entry* scroll_table::lastvisible

int scroll_table::lenx

int scroll_table::leny

uint scroll_table::line

int scroll_table::mode

int scroll_table::s_metod

char scroll_table::search_key[MAX_KEY_LEN + S_T]

char scroll_table::start_key[MAX_KEY_LEN + S_T]

PANEL* scroll_table::tablepanel

WINDOW* scroll_table::tablewin

struct scroll_table_entry* scroll_table::tail

int(* scroll_table::usr_func)(struct scroll_table * table, char *key, int smer, char *new_key, char *new_data, int *mode_scr)

PANEL* scroll_table::vindpanel

WINDOW* scroll_table::vindwin

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