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TFFC i mean Trivial(or Terminal) Functions For Curses.

Introduction & History:
I need some functions for text mode in DJGPP under PDCurses for input text, menu,
scrolling text on the screen and others routines.
I don't like(it very difficult to write some programs) use standarts functions, then i find
in year 2000 program 'IPTraf (is an ncurses-based IP LAN)'.
I ask maintainer(Gerard Paul Java) of IPTraf for own using functions for manipulation
text on the screen from IPTraf.
Then i get this functions and make some changes.
This is some routines which make to write code for manipulation text on the screen
under curses library in fewer lines.

This manual and the tffc library are © 2000-2003 by igor (at) maxi (dash) tip (dot) cz and are available under the GPL license.

TFFC is a Unix C library and is provided as source code.
To compile it, you need a Linux or Unix box with the GNU C compiler, GNU make and some curses.
It works with ncurses version 5.x on Linux and Cygwin (Windows) and also works on DjGPP (Dos) with pdcurses.

You can download TFFC from one of these locations:

Latest version is 0.9.1
It implements clock in right corner on top screen. This clock update itself every 1 minute.
This clock use thread function!!

If compiling fails, you may need to edit the Makefile yourself.

Please send your ask or suggestion on my email: igor (at) maxi (dash) tip (dot) cz

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